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Bighorn Airways is active in government contracting across the Continental United States and Alaska, which includes supporting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service in firefighting missions and also providing air transport services for the Veterans Administration. Additionally, we are a Department of Defense Commercial Aircraft Review Board (CARB) approved air carrier. This certification is very stringent- and approval is based on our excellent operating standards and history.

Bighorn Airways is an experienced operator when it comes to unique and challenging operations. We perform a variety of special missions for our customers that require exceptional skills, equipment, and personnel. From providing aircraft and flight crews in support of the Governments Smokejumper program to flying on the North Slope of Alaska, Bighorn Airways is uniquely skilled and experienced at performing special missions.


Our special mission aircraft include the versatile CASA and Dornier turboprop aircraft. These aircraft are unique and capable of performing many different missions. Both aircraft can be configured for passenger, cargo, or a combination of both. Both aircraft are capable of Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) operations out of short and unimproved airstrips. These aircraft have large cargo/ramp doors that allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo and supplies. These cargo/ramp doors are approved for opening in-flight, which provides added mission capabilities such as aerial jump deployments and para-cargo drops.


The newest addition to our fleet is Bombardier Dash 8. The DHC-8-106 is capable of carrying up to 30 passengers and features a 7500 lbs. payload, whether it be passenger or cargo. With a range of 1200 miles, unpaved runway protection, the capability of low-level flights for para cargo operations, air-operable cargo door, and Night Vision Goggles (NVG) capable, we have your next mission covered. 

Our flight crews and maintenance personnel have decades of experience operating in challenging environments. Our talented team knows how to work safely in adverse conditions and still get the job done. To highlight the skills, capability, and performance record of our team, Bighorn Airways is one of the few FAR Part 135 Air Carriers that are approved by the Department of Defense CARB (Commercial Airlift Review Board).
Our specialized mission capabilities include fire fighting, remote and STOL operations, arctic operations, and air ambulance. If you have an aviation mission that requires unique capabilities, contact us today.


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