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The DeHavilland DHC-8, commonly referred to as the Dash-8, has been a popular choice for regional air transportation worldwide for several years. It is considered the safest regional aircraft in its category. The DHC-8 is versatile and can be customized for various uses, including passenger service and special missions. It is also pressurized and equipped to handle any weather conditions. Bighorn Airways operates both the DHC-8-106 and DHC-8-202 models.


Engines: 2 ea. Pratt and Whitney Canada PW121 (-106) or PW123D (-202)

Service ceiling:  25,000 ft.

Speed:  334 mph

Range: 1174 mi. with standard fuel capacity and 2000 mi. with extended range fuel capacity.

Passengers: 30 plus flight attendant

Payload: 7500 lbs.

MTOW: 36,300 lbs.


The Dornier 228 started as a regional airline aircraft and is currently being used as such by numerous smaller airlines worldwide. This aircraft is known for its exceptional versatility, as it can be easily configured for various purposes such as passenger operations (with a seating capacity of either 9 or 19), cargo transport, combi, medical transport, NVG ops, or special missions.


Engines: 2 ea. Honeywell TPE 331-10T

Service ceiling: 15,000 ft.

Speed: 266 mph

Range: 700 mi. (with 19 passengers), 1000+ with lower payloads

Payload: 5500 lbs. (cargo configuration)

MTOW: 13,669 lbs.



The CASA 212 began service as both a regional airline and military transport aircraft.  Today, it primarily serves in roles as cargo and special mission aircraft. The CASA 212 is a rugged, all-environment

aircraft equipped with an aft, air-operable loading ramp, which facilitates cargo operations, as well as paracargo operations and aerial personnel deployment.  


Engines: 2 ea. Honeywell TPE 331-10R

Service ceiling: 25,000 ft.

Speed: 218 mph

Range: 880 mi.

Payload: 6947 (cargo configuration)

MTOW: 16,976 lbs.

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